Saturday, 19 Oct 2019

Anorexia Signs And Symptoms

The anorexia nervosa is a type of disease which causes the patients to lack the appetite to eat any kind of food. The signs and symptoms of the anorexia nervosa disease are usually classified in two forms. The first one is the behavioral and psychological signs and symptoms and the second are the physical signs and symptoms. Here are given the Anorexia signs and symptoms in both ways.

Behavioral & psychological symptoms

The anorexia nervosa can result into some of the most dangerous behavioral as well as psychological symptoms. Major psychological and behavioral symptoms related to anorexia are

• Social withdrawal and depression can result to the patient due to the seriousness in underweight
• The patients along with getting difficulty in interacting to others, can also become easily upset and irritated
• The sleep of the person is also affected which does also impact on the day life also
• The concentration as well as attention capability of the person is also affected through it
• The patients are since obsessed with food so he might show unrealistic behaviors related to foods as well.

Physical signs and symptoms

Some of the organs of the body feel the excessive deterioration in the progress. Some visible / felt physical Anorexia signs and symptoms are

• Low heart rate in patients due to starvation usually result in reduced work capacity of the patients
• The gastro intestine complications usually results in abdominal pain or in constipation related complexities
• The problems in the glandular system might result in the other physical symptoms like diabetes, weight gain and amenorrhea

How the anorexia nervosa can be treated

The lack of appetite disease anorexia nervosa can be treated now in the out patients as well as also in the patients by hospitalizing them. Here is given how to treat anorexia. The patients that has to witness several organ impairs should be hospitalized. In the hospitals the facility of intravenous feeding or tube feeding is available for such patients.

The other malnutrition recovery practices are being run in the hospitals in order to recover the patients from anorexia generated problems. Sometime the inpatient and sometime the outpatients’ activities like lessening of physical activities increment of social activities is achieved in the hospitals by using the techniques specified by the physicians. The overall result of the treatment of anorexia should not be to focus only on increasing the weight but many other important things too.

Today due to many alternative and insured methods available the patients usually choose the initial weeks of hospitalization recovery and then day to doctor and night to home recovery procedure. It is almost preferred by each patient today in order to cure the disease of anorexia nervosa. There are also many types of psychological therapies also available that can easily treat the patients from the problems of anorexia nervosa.