Saturday, 19 Oct 2019

Helping to fight with Dandruff

The shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp is called dandruff. Dry scalp should not be confused with dandruff. Big question on mind do come what is dandruff when we observe dry dead flakes on shoulder and make hair follicles brittle and lead to fall.

Keratinocytes plays a key role in the expression of immunological reactions during dandruff formation. It not only affects scalp, but hair-bearing area n also affects the overall scalp including the texture of hairs where seborrhea is getting worse.

Flaking can be caused either chronically or as a result of certain triggers. Dandruff can make scalp dry, scalp loses its moisture which can further cause oily scalp because of frequent washing. Before involving into treatment, one should look for the causes of it and try to get rid of the causes as soon as possible.

Another question that comes on mind is what causes dandruff? Causes of dandruff can because of frequent exposure to extreme heat and cold.  Dandruff can be further creating problems like redness and irritation, dandruff in hairs often cause itching. Cause of dandruff may fluctuate with season as it often worsens in winter. Dandruff is common in men and women, and also in people with oily skin also including mental stress or constantly changing shampoo brand, hair oil , chemical based shampoo. Causes of dandruff can harm social or self-esteem problems, indicating treatment for both psychological and physiological reasons.

Every people around think different regardless of their scalp texture everybody holds different skin types an patter followed in nutritional deficiency, anxiety , stress, hormonal imbalance, worries, etc., sleeping, exposure to environment can derive question in one’s mind what is dandruff.

At one point of time in their lives people do experience dandruff regardless of age and ethnicity.

Studies by various different scientist have suggested that diets that are too salty. Sugary or spicy may exacerbate dandruff.