Saturday, 19 Oct 2019

How To Care In 6 And 7 Months Pregnancy

6 Months Pregnancy

At the time of 5 months of pregnancy the weight of your baby becomes around 690 grams and the length around 34 cm. Most of the bones of the baby have become strong at this stage and rests of them are becoming stronger. Hands and legs have also become completely developed at this stage. Growth of the brain can be explained in such a way that the cells of the parts of brain growing rapidly and the whole state of brain start being matured. This is the stage of the baby in the womb when all the sexual and genital organs have also gone completely developed.

This is the stage when the baby can be considered fully developed size. The development of this stage is usually in all parts of the body like bones and brains etc. because throughout this stage the muscle and fat is very thin of the baby being prospered in your womb.

This is the stage when the baby starts taking space in your Uterus hence this is time after which you are supposed to find your belly bigger and bigger continuously. At this stage the hands of your baby have been formed and strengthen partially through it take some even more time to develop and get attached with the nerves. The dexterity of the hand of the baby is also supposed to be continuously improving. At this stage the hands are strong enough to make a fist also.

7 Months Pregnancy

In the brain of your baby a rapid growth can be seen at this stage of the 7th month of your pregnancy. During the 7th month of pregnancy the fetus in your womb grows to become much stronger and big but still it can roll or just kick within. Sometime you can also feel the shape of the leg of your baby in the areas of your belly.

In order to fit the baby into womb the bones of the head help a lot. This is because at this stage the bones are not stronger and the soft bones can help a lot by blending easily. Since your ankle or feet might feel heavy on standing so you are required to lie down and take rest to your heels / ankles. Sometime the feet or hands of you might swell suddenly. In any case if you feel like this then you are supposed to immediately call to your medical doctor or pregnancy care taker. You should also done required checkup and eat properly as per the requirements of 7 month pregnancy.