Thursday, 14 Nov 2019

Symptoms And Signs Of HIV In Men Women And Children

There are many people suffering with HIV who do not just know that actually they are the infected person. In whole United States it is very less likely that the 20% of the HIV-positive individual are simply unaware of the fact that they are infected.

There are also many people who do not just develop symptom after they first getting the infection with the HIV. There are others as well who has the history of the flulike problems or illness in several days to the weeks after the exposure to the virus. The early HIV symptoms do also include the fever, tiredness, headache, and the enlarged lymph of the nodes in neck. The symptoms do usually disappear on the own in few weeks. However after that there are also few person that feels feel normal and also might have no symptoms at all. This is an asymptomatic phase which is often last for one or years.

The simple progression of the disease is that it varies widely between the individual. This state may last from a few months to sometime for more than the time of 10 years.

During thelarge periodvirus of HIV continues to get multipliedwith the activeand then also infects and kill to all the cell of immune system.

The virus can also destroy cells which are known to be primary infection fighters which are a type of the white blood cell that is also called the CD4 cells.

AIDS is supposed to be a later state of the HIV infection. This is supposed to be done whenever the body starts losing the ability of fightingthe simple infections. Once CD4 cell count goes low enough then the infected people is said to be with the AIDS. Sometime the diagnosis process of AIDS is also made because of the fact that the person had unusual infection or the cancers that shows that how weak immune system is.

The infection that does happen with the AIDS is called the opportunistic infections. The infection that include but they are not only limited to it arepneumonia which is caused by the Pneumocystis that causes wheezing;brain infection along with toxoplasmosis that cause trouble in thinkingwidespread infection of a bacteria known as MAC (mycobacterium avium complex)yeast infection of swallowing tubewidespread diseases along with certain types of fungi like the histoplasmosis